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Carl Nelson

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05/04/18 11:17 AM #1    

Carol Decker (Fiedler)

Carl died April 10, 2018 of cancer in Coronado, California..  He was born March 6, 1942 in San Diego, California.  He met his best friend, Barry Fiedler, while in grade school in San Diego when they were 10.  He spent most of his time at Barry’ s house and when the Fiedler family decided to move back to Newton Carl came with them. He had a happy time in Newton and many friends.  After graduation he moved back to San Diego and joined the Marines.  His parents and sister, Blanche, and Brother, John, predeceased him.  He is survived by his loving wife, Susan, of the home.  He is also survived by his foster family ,Pam Fiedler Gould, nephew, Barry Frank, sister-in-law, Carol Lee Fiedler,  nieces, Elizabeth Fiedler Mueller, Morgan Reed.  His foster parents, Geraldine and Bill Fiedler, and brother, Barry Fiedler, also predeceased him.  Carl was a loving friend and will be missed by all who knew him.

05/05/18 05:27 PM #2    

Susan Ross (Sheets)

I never knew the full story behind the Fiedler-Nelson connection.  But it sounds like the Fiedlers were people of immense love and caring, and created a wonderful bond with Carl.   Blessings to all in this time of transition.


Susan Sheets

06/04/18 11:15 AM #3    

Al Dietrich

Memories of Carl Nelson
By Gary Raffety

1942 to 2018

I was terribly saddened to read that Carl Nelson, my old high school buddy, recently passed away. I first met Carl when he and Barry Fiedler were both working at the Dairy Queen in south Newton. I think it was the summer of ’57, just days after the completion our freshman year in school.  

Carl and I got to know each other a little better at a summer party a few weeks after our initial meeting at the Dairy Queen.  We reinforced our budding friendship a few weeks after that at our Newton water-world playground south of town – what was it called? The Yentroc?  After that, we were constantly together until after our senior graduation party.  We spent many, many hours together, cruising around in his black car – I think it was a 2 door - 1950 Chevy, but can’t be sure.

I have so many wonderful memories of the countless hours and events we experienced together while riding around in that car. In the winter we used to go out during snow and ice storms to help people out of the ditches, in hopes of a nice cash payment. We usually got paid well, but not always. A few times we were left high and dry, as they used to say.

I remember our many double dates that we had during the lazy, hazy days of summer after our sophomore and junior years.  I was dating Hazel Wilson and Carl was dating her younger sister. We spent a lot of time in the Wilson house basement shooting pool with the girls and also goofing around in the swimming pool. 
I remember a lot of weekends when we took dates to Wichita to eat pizza in the lean-to in the back of a gas station, a small family business started by two brothers, that would eventually become the International Pizza Hut. 

Another delightful memory is when we double dated to the Junior – Senior prom – when we were Juniors. If I remember correctly, Carl had a date with Jackie King and I had a date with my steady at the time, Hazel Wilson. We had a blast that night, a night I will never forget. 
I remember that Carl was a good athlete and enjoyed sports. As I recall, he lettered in both football and track and took a lot of pride in wearing his letter jacket. 

Unfortunately, after graduation, Carl returned to his roots in San Diego, California and later joined the marines.  My future led me to college at Kansas State University, the army medical corp, and later a professional job in the development business, in the Midwest. 

As so often happens with high school friendships, Carl and I both followed our intended paths in life and as a result, lost touch with each other. I really regret that I didn’t make more of an effort to find Carl and try to reignite our friendship. I did try to find Carl in San Diego while on numerous trips to Los Angelis visiting family members, but I always drew a blank.

After the summer of our graduation in 1960, I didn’t see Carl again until we both returned to Newton for the 2005 reunion – which I guess would have been the 45th reunion. We enjoyed reliving old times that weekend and promised to stay in touch. But, again, he returned to his life in California and I returned to mine in Kansas City. Just as before, following high school, we each returned to our busy lives and we failed -  once again -  to stay in touch. Unfortunately, the reunion was the last time we will ever see each other, at least in this lifetime.

Carl was, without a doubt, a real class guy and a friend from my youth that I will always remember with great affection and respect. I know he is missed by his family and friends and anyone who knew him very well. He was just a likeable kind of guy, the kind the world needs more of.  

Gary Raffety ‘60

06/05/18 10:56 AM #4    

Larry H Clark

Gary, What a nice compliment to Carl,  I just wanted to add that when you mentioned the Dairy Queen , that flooded my memories because yes that was the place to be at closing time, Bruce Kaufman and I would stop and get to eat as much of the left overs as possible.  I can confirm, yes, Carl played halfback on the football team and ran track  as well as his brother Barry, I too have lots of great memories of NHS and of course that includes both Carl and Barry, 

Larry Clark,,classmate

PS  I remember you and I playing alot of Baseball too




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