In Memory

Beverly Miller (Garrison)

Beverly Ann Garrison
January 26, 1942 - June 28, 2016

Beverly Ann Miller Garrison settled in Texas after leaving Newton. She built her career working in the executive branch of Intermedics in Angleton (one of the first companies to manufacture pacemakers). She grew her small family and had a multitude of friends and neighbors who became her extended family. While living many years in the small town of Freeport, her church folks became family to her. She and her friend Nan took over the fundraising, served on the church governing board and performed business tasks with determination and commitment. She also organized and cooked for fundraisers and events. When she moved closer to her son and family in Georgetown, she had no trouble quickly integrating into her new community as her friendliness, good nature, culinary interests and generosity flowed about naturally. 

Her long-distance (but closely connected) friends all benefited from her culinary expertise, as she always graciously served up wonderful cuisine to her visitors upon their stays. Some visitors came often - especially friends whom she had known from her elementary and high school years. And, when those school friends didn’t come visit her, she was traveling to visit them - almost annually.

Bev had a unique gift that emerged whenever her friends needed support. If a friend, spouse or parent of a friend became ill, she often arrived on scene and stayed with her friend or friend’s relation no matter how long it took to bring comfort. Whenever one of her many friends faced difficulties in their lives, she was not only one of the first to call and offer condolences, empathy and prayers, but then, she often showed up!  After
arriving on scene, she was ready to go to work, doing whatever was needed for how ever long it took, be it days or weeks.

Until her last day on earth, instead of having “pity parties,” Bev faced challenges head on and chose to be happy and grateful. She decked out in colorful frocks and always brought along her infectious laughter. She often brought her friends gifts from her extensive travels throughout the world. She knew just what was perfect for each one.  

Beverly was truly one of a kind, and managed artfully to just be herself.  She was always loads of fun and full of compassion - the definition of a true lifetime friend. Those who knew her from school years, professional years and through her last moments on earth, are thankful for her presence. In our hearts we will forever love her, appreciate her, and admire her in so many tangible and intangible ways!  

Beverly passed away peacefully on June 28, 2016. She was preceded in death by her father, Harold Miller, her mother, Teresa Miller, her brother, Al Miller, and her husband, Bonner Garrison. She is survived by her son Dr. Chris Garrison, wife Jennifer and grandchildren Bonner and Emma. She now rests at Restwood Cemetery, Lake Jackson, Texas.

Dear Friend Beverly, all our love till we meet again.