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12/02/13 01:43 AM #1    

Miriam Werner (Winter)

Just saw that you had a birthday.

I was sorry to see that your mother died, but how amazing that she was 104!

Where are all your children and grandchildren?

Our older daughter Wendi and Chad have Zach (age 5). They live in North Carolina.

Todd, in the middle, and Jeanette have moved back to the Dallas-Fort Worth area from Maryland. They have a puppy (Little Red) who will soon be BIG, so they just call her Red.

Our younger daughter Kristy and Larry have Sasami (age 12), Megumi (age 3), and Yue (age 2). They live in Bonner Springs.

Dick is retired and works on stocks and options (sometimes takes classes in K.C).

I retired from being a paraeducator and am substituting for teachers and paras at the middle and high schools. It has been fun.

Have just had cataracts removed from both eyes. I can wear my glasses from 2 prescriptions ago. Will go see the doctor tomorrow.

Must close for now. Hope you had a great birthday!

Much love,


12/02/13 09:28 AM #2    

Paulette Frey (Devino)

So good to hear from you, and thank you for the "card".

Not sure where the miscommunication re my mother came from.  My mother passed away several years ago at the age of 67.  My husband just passed in 2010.

I have kids/grandkids scattered all over.  Extended family are in CA, CO, VA, and NY.  My two sons are in CT and CO. I recently relocated to CT to be near that son and family and will spend Christmas in CO.  I spent Thanksgiving on Long Island.  I'm near the ferry so that trip is a breeze.

One son (Mike) is a manager for Costco; the other (Patrick) is in the process of buying the company he's run for the last few years.  Oldest granddaughter (Alex) is in college in upstate NY, majoring in some kid of linquistics.  (I just nod sagely when she explains it to me.)  She has been to France and will be going to Korea soon.  Next in line is my granddaughter (Nikki), a junior in high school.  She's currently checking out universities in RI, Maine, and PA.  She's been to Italy.  I tell them I was thrilled to go to the state fair - never thought I'd ever get to go out of the country.

Then comes the only boy (Spencer) who just started high school.  He's quite the soccer player, if Grandma does say so herself.  And his little sister (Brigitta) is 9.  She is my revenge for all the times her dad took me to the emergency room.

I've now retired for the third time - once from Lockheed, then from being a paralegal, and finally back in Human Resources for a retirement setting.  I'm through.  Come Spring, I'll probably volunteer for a local theatre group, but will just take trips and take my Zumba class with the senior center until then.

Please keep in touch - I always enjoy hearing from you.

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